Duck Life Game Features

Are you looking for a new racing match and sports game? Are you interested in something unique and challenging? Then say hello to Duck Life from and prepare for the challenge of your life. Experience the life of a farmer who recently lost his farm to a devastating tornado. The only thing that survived is a duck egg. Furthermore, your mission is to train the newly hatched egg to become a racing champion and get your farm running again. Sounds interesting? Well, as crazy as the premise may seem, that is the entire narrative of Duck Life. Check out some of the game’s features below for more details.


Train your Duck

Duck Life features four racing variants for you and your duck to compete: Running, Climbing, Swimming, and Flying. Training in Duck Life comes in the form of mini-games that gets harder as your duck levels up. Moreover, training provides you with coins that you can use to purchase skill seeds. There are two types of skill seeds in the game. Also, the first one costs one coin and can improve your duck’s energy while the second one costs ten coins. Plus, the second type of seed can improve your duck’s abilities all at once.


Race to Your Heart’s Content in Duck Life

The game allows you to race against other cute little duckies for coins and tournament tickets. Besides, you can then use these tickets to participate in matches. There are four competitions in the game: Beginner, Amateur, Expert, and World Championship. You might want to join in one of these and aim to become the champion on your own!


Multiple Worlds to Explore

Duck Life comes with six worlds just waiting for you to explore. Participate in immersive races set in Grassland, Swamp, Mountains, Glacier, City, and volcano. Run, fly, and swim your way to the finish line and win those precious coins.


Customization Options in Duck Life

Furthermore, multiple world features in the game are the various customization items for your duck. Dress up your champion with custom made hats, cool hairstyles, and flashy colors. Surely, you’ll enjoy all of these features in high definition graphics, excellent music, and smooth animation.