Get a Free Guide To A Thrilling Duck Racing Game in PC!

Behind the modesty of Duck Life Unblocked is a challenging gameplay structure that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It combines both strategy and balance in training for your duck to win the races in the game. With that said, we compiled some useful tips for you to exploit in the game.


Tip #1 Strategic Training

Duck Life, as mentioned before, is a skill-based game, which means that the victory of your duck is dependent on skills. To which is why you need to do a bit of understanding of the playing field. In other words, it is essential to understand which ability to improve through the name of the level alone. For example, Green Valley requires running, Rocky Cliff requires flying, Shallow Lake requires Swimming, and Natural World combines all three skills.


Tip #2 It is not The More, The Merrier in Duck Life Unblocked

Another thing you should remember in Duck Life is that you should learn how to budget your hard-earned coins. This matter means that your focus is on the improvement of your original duck. It is because the game allows you to purchase another duck, which is unnecessary. Always remember that as you progress further into the game, the more demanding the races become. That is why you must focus all your effort on the original duck.


Tip #3 Know your Mini-Games

One of the essential elements in Duck Life Unblocked is Training. As mentioned before, training comes in the form of mini-games. Each mini-game involves obstacle-dodging activities similar to those seen on casual arcade games like Flappy Bird. Knowing or mastering each of the mini-game in Duck Life helps improve your champion’s stats when you are low in coins. Aside from enhancing the attributes of your duck, mini-games also allows you to collect those much-needed coins throughout the entire course.