Duck Life PC | Download Duck Life Unblocked And Race Like You Mean It! 

Pet simulator games are among the coolest and easiest games to play out there. And who doesn’t love racing games like Hill Climb Racing and Drifty Chase? These two game genres are undoubtedly popular among players of different ages. Whether you’re a child or an adult, it won’t be a surprise if you love both! And what if we told you that you can play a game that combines both? That’s what Duck Life is all about!

Duck Life is the first in a series of games under the sports category. It is a simple yet fun game that you should check out by now. Duck Life is brought to you by the game developer, This game paved the way for Duck Life Treasure Hunt, Duck Life Battle, and Duck Life: Space.

As the first game in the series, Duck Life has a tutorial to introduce you to its gaming universe. In Duck Life, a player needs to train his duckling to race. Eventually, the duckling will need to race with other ducklings. The ultimate goal is to win these races. Duck Life lets you race in six different worlds. So if you want to get started, read the game’s best features first!


Simple and Easy to Learn Gameplay

Duck Life may seem like a childish game to some, and it’s fine if you also think this way. After all, it’s a game rated for players of 3 years old and up. This means that even little kids can enjoy it! Since the game is designed for young players, you can expect it to revolve around a simple concept. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s boring and cannot appeal to older players.


Customize Your Duck Life Duckling

After downloading Duck Life, the first thing you’ll be asked to do is to create and customize your first ever duckling. For children, this means exhibiting their creativity and practicing their imagination. Players can choose from different colors of duck eggs. You can choose from either white, black, red, green, blue, and yellow. The color of the egg you choose will be the color of your duckling.

Next, you’ll be asked to choose the duckling’s eye shape. There are six eye shapes to choose from. The duck’s eye shape will greatly affect its character in a way that will make it look jolly, surprised, sleepy, or angry. You can also choose the duck’s eye color!

You can customize your duckling further by choosing the most stylish hair for it and giving it a tattoo for a distinct look. Players can also select the tattoo’s color. By selecting your favorite color, you are also assigning the duck racing team’s color! Lastly, you can give your duckling a name. Now’s the best time to use that racer name you’ve always wanted!


Comprehensive Tutorial and Helpful Training Stage

After you finish creating your first duckling in Duck Life, you’ll be taken to the tutorial and training stage. Here, you’ll be taught and trained on how to play the game.

In the beginning, the game will give you a glimpse of how your duck will race. You will also be shown how to feed the duck so it can gain enough energy to finish a race.

Of course, your duck will be slow during the initial stage of the game. This is not a cause to worry. This is what training is for. One of the best things about Duck Life is that the instructions during the tutorial stage are very clear and easy to understand. They are also presented in a visually captivating way.

The tutorial stage also describes important aspects of the game. For instance, you will learn what tournaments are. Training also earns you coins which you can later spend for upgrades.


Train and Race Competitively in Duck Life!

Thanks to the comprehensive tutorial and training stage, learning how to play Duck Life is very easy. But make no mistake. It’s also equally challenging!

For one, it’s not very easy to win races and tournaments. Your duck may still be too slow compared to other ducks during the first few races. This is why you shouldn’t skip training, as it will determine and increase your duck’s running level.

Even the running training itself is exhilarating and exciting! You want to keep on increasing your duck’s running level to make sure that it starts winning races.


Good Graphics and Captivating Music

Lastly, Duck Life’s graphics and music need special recognition. Its visuals are neat, colorful, and friendly to the eyes. The music and sound effects also add to the fun. Whether you choose Duck Life on Cool Math Games on your PC, both these games are very enticing and fun for kids and those who are young at heart!

Game Features

  • Fun and engaging game for players of all ages and gaming capabilities
  • Colorful and neat graphics combined with some jolly music and sound
  • Customize your duckling and create a racing team! 
  • Join multiple races where you can earn coins and tickets for other tournaments
  • Visit various Duck worlds that feature shops and different rivals

Download and Play Now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Duck Life Screenshot
Duck Life Screenshot

Duck Life PC | Download Duck Life Unblocked And Race Like You Mean It!